Camoin Associates Cluster Definition with Regional Data

Posted 3/27/2015   Complementing the data spreadsheet showing the identififed EMDC/Mobilize Eastern Maine/BRDA sectors businesses, Camoin Associates (supply chain analysis consultant to the Re-Engineering the Region short-term strategy planning project) has prepared a similar spreadsheet.  This document defines the targeted industry sections and clusters that will be analyzed.  The lists of component industries for natural resources, wood products and logistics are identified, with columns corresponding to:

- Industries in Natural Resources Supply Chain
‐ Industries in the Wood Products Supply Chain
‐ Industries in the Logistics Supply Chain
‐ All industries we selected to include
‐ Industries targeted through the EMDC Mobilize Maine Effort and Bangor Region Development
   Aliance (BRDA) efforts
‐ Industries targeted through the Maine Technology Sectors and Clusters 2008 Report

This report can be located by following this link.