Fairpoint Communications Upgrades Broadband Service in Eastbrook, Maine

June 22, 2016

FairPoint Communications Upgrades of Broadband Service in Eastbrook, Maine


Broadband upgrade increases high speed Internet across town


Eastbrook, Maine (June 22, 2016) - FairPoint Communications[1] is pleased to announce the completion of a broadband expansion project in Eastbrook, Maine. As a result of this upgrade, faster broadband speeds are available in over 100 locations in the community – some to addresses for the first time.


“Broadband access opens doors to the world for the residents and businesses in Maine and is fundamental to the state’s future economic growth,” said Mike Reed, FairPoint’s Maine state president. “Our employees work every day to build more broadband across the state. We are pleased to announce that with the investment made in the town of Eastbrook, we have expanded the availability of high-speed Internet to more homes and businesses.”


More residents and businesses can quickly e-mail photos, download music, stream video, and surf the Internet now that FairPoint has expanded broadband services. Residents on portions of the following streets now qualify for broadband speeds associated with their proximity to the upgrade:



  • Abrams Pond Road
  • Bunker Lane
  • Cedar Point Lane
  • Dinsmore Road
  • Dyer Lane
  • Eastbrook Road
  • Graves Road
  • Little Camp Road
  • Spurling Road
  • Sunnyside Road
  • Town Lot Road
  • Webb Pond Road



Since April 2008, FairPoint has invested more than $900 million in its communications infrastructure and technology to bring broadband to northern New England, including building thousands of miles of new fiber optic network across the region. FairPoint’s new fiber-based, high capacity network offers customers a better, faster way to communicate.


To find out more locations details, Internet service speed eligibility, information about prices and bundled plans, or to schedule a professional installation of services, residential consumers can call 1-866.984.2001 and business customers can call 1-866.984.3001.





1 Services are provided through operating subsidiaries of FairPoint Communications, Inc.