Brownfields Assessment Grant

brown·field   [ broun-feeld ]: land previously built on: an urban development site that has been previously built on or environmentally contaminated and is currently unusable or abandoned.

EMDC has just completed two $200,000 Brownfield Assessment Grants from the US Environmental Protection Agency to identify and prioritize brownfield sites in Penobscot County (one for hazardous materials and one for petroleum contaminants).  Under the grant, EMDC inventoried 36 sites in Penobscot County that required assessment, completed Phase I assessments on 9 sites, clean up planning activites on 3 sites, and other environmental work on 2 sites.  This paved way for the evenutal clean up and redevelopment of many of the aforementioned sites. 


Site Selection:

EMDC was interested in evaluating sites whose economic redevelopment potential is complicated by contamination.  To accomplish that, a Brownfield Steering Committee (BSC) for Penobscot County was formed.  The Committee was overseen by EMDC and was responsible for identification and prioritization of sites.  Credere Associates, LLC was serving as the environmental consultant for the project. 


Eastern Maine Development Corporation (EMDC) is seeking a qualified environmental professional (QEP) firm with experience in federal brownfields assessment projects. Work will include, but is not limited to Phase I and Phase II brownfields assessments in Penobscot County, Maine for petroleum-based and hazardous materials.  The selected Consultant activities are being conducted as part of EMDC’s grant program and will remain in effect through September 2019.

QEP firms interested in being selected to participate are asked to submit a proposal no later than Friday, September 23th, 2016 at 3:00 p.m.  Full RFP is available by contacting Jeff Whalen,



Here are some success stories:

1.  Lincoln News Facility -- completed a phase I and phase II environmental assessment with the grant funds.  This allowed the property to change hands and be upgraded for continued use.

2.  The Building 487 in Bangor was assessed on behalf of the city.  The city just recently cleaned up substantial hazardous materials and demolished the building using Maine DEP Brownfields Cleanup and CDBG funds.  The Building 487 site is now being leased by GE who plans to immediately use the site for equipment staging and plans to construct a new aviation related facility on the property. 

3.  The Brewer Public Works Site went through the assessment and clean up planning process, and is currently being redeveloped in a brewery and restaurant.

For more Information

To learn more about our work with Brownfields in Penobscot County, please contact Jeff Whalen, Community Affairs Manager at (207) 942-6389 or