Interviewing Tips

Interviewing Tips

  • Research the company ahead of time. Know their mission statements, currents goals and any current news.

  • Have an elevator pitch ready to go. You don't need to recite it verbatim, but the information should flow naturally into any conversation when asked about your skills, strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, or goals.

  • Dress for the position to which you are applying. If you are interviewing to work in a healthcare environment, don't wear open toed shoes. If you land a great interview with the accounting firm you've been applying to for the past three months, find (buying used or borrowing from a friend is always an option) a suit and tie.

  • Practice, practice, practice. And then practice some more.

  • Be positive. Negativity is off-putting in any situation, but can really sink an interview. Be creatively optimistic (while maintaining honesty) about any challenges in your work history.
  • Smile (but not excessively as that may draw unintended conclusions).  

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