Stories of Success

Brock Collins

Brock came to EMDC looking for employment.  Ted’s Electric was  looking for someone to train.  Brock entered into an on the job training opportunity as an Electrician’s Helper at Ted’s Electric and is now working full-time, earning a great wage with benefits, continuing to work toward his electrician’s license and enjoying what he does.  Brock came to EMDC looking for employment and found a career.  “I would definitely recommend this program, “ says Collins. “It came to me at the best time and it works.”


Khari Blair

After completing the Career Compass program in October, 2013, 19-year-old Khari Blair turned his 6-month "On-the-Job-Training" experience with the Penobscot Theatre Company (PTC) in Bangor into a job as a Theatre Lighting Technician with the PTC.  

Aaron Noble, Master Carpenter and Blair's direct supervisor at the PTC was quick to share th

e growth he observed in Khari during his time in the OJT program and Career Compass.

"I wish I had more of him," said Aaron Noble, Master Carpenter and Khari's direct supervisor. "This has been a great program for him to learn new skills."

Blair was been placed in leadership roles several times, managed volunteers, and has communicated successfully with outside contractors. "He did a great job managing those relationships In fact, I have to remind myself he is 19," Noble said.
"I love being here and what I am doing," Blair said. "I love that I am given opportunities to fail and learn from those opportunities. I love the people with whom I work and meeting new people. I love that I am challenged intellectually, but it can also be physically grueling to stand atop a ladder hanging 35 lbs lights It's a good combination."

Through his hard work and commitment, Blair made a short-term, temporary work experience into a permanent, well paying, enjoyable career. He has also secured an apartment and is living on his own.