What is BidMatch?

Maine PTAC can automatically match your company’s products or services with daily bid notices that show you exactly what the government is buying at the local, state and federal levels. Bidmatch can also provide subcontracting leads to your business. There are various ways for local, state and federal agencies to procure products and services. Maine PTAC shares these publicly posted solicitations with clients who wish to receive bidmatch notices through their daily email.

The bidmatch consist of several sections in the following order:

  • Federal - From FedBizOpps (Over $25,000)
  • Federal Small Purchases (Under $25,000)
  • Foreign Trade Opportunities
  • USABID (An Outreach Systems Database of States and Municipalities)
  • Maine State Procurement (Public Notices from Maine Newspapers)

In the state of Maine, there are over 30 different websites that needed to be checked daily, so if you’re attempting to identify government contracting opportunities within the state you could spend a lot of time looking for bids. There is an unlimited number of websites if you intend to work outside of Maine.

PTAC staff can help you streamline the identification process by establishing a bidmatch profile unique to your company using keywords and codes specific to your industry, and by identifying which geographic areas of the country you could potentially work. The profile is added to a customized database that will identify only those opportunities that meet the criteria you specified and in turn, notifies you with a daily email if there are matches. The bidmatch service is a great time saver for a business and a way to find potential bidding opportunities.

Please contact your Maine PTAC counselor if you would like to review your bidmatch profile for any updates – contacts, keywords, locations, etc. It is important to keep your bidmatch profile up to date as your business grows.

If you are not currently a Maine PTAC client or want to learn more about bidmatch service, please contact us. Visit us online at www.maineptac.org or contact Maine PTAC program manager, Ken Bloch at 207.974.3245.