Meet Our Clients

Acadia AquaFarm

A Jump Across The Atlantic from Global Aquaculture Alliance on Vimeo.

The de Koning family immigrated from Holland to farm mussels in Maine with the same techniques they've been using for seven generations. EMDC was proud to help Acadia AquaFarm with their new endeavor.

Dove Tail Bats

Making bats for MLB players like Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper, Dove Tail Bats in Shirley Mills, Maine is local company that's quickly becoming more popular. With bats made out of wood found right here in Maine, the pros are taking notice of the quality and craftsmanship at Dove Tail Bats. Recently featured in an interview with CNBC, Dove Tail Bats has been around since 2009. At EMDC, we are always thrilled to help a local business like Dove Tail Bats get off the startup help they deserve!