Expanding Broadband Capacity

Efforts to expand the digital infrastructure and increase the "tech" culture are happening! Our region believes that this is necessary in order to compete in the current and emerging economy. While fiber and other telecom technology infrastructure exists in parts of the region, more availability and adoption for small businesses, entrepreneurs, communities, and residents is needed. 

Our Re-Engineering the Region effort's study revealed that further investigation related to the current infrastructure and service options and demand needs (both existing and future) for each community is needed to begin identifying and closing any gaps. 

That's where EMDC stepped up.  Beginning with a stakeholders meeting in December, 2015, development of  the roadmap to guide our efforts and begin building the infrastructure to support the communities in our region is happening. 

In March, 2016, a second stakeholders meeting was held.  Discussions included 1)Assessing the potential for a regional fund for planning grants; 2)Review of opportunities for new models; 3)Building partnerships; 4) Value and logistics of implementing municipal investments; 5) Presentation of related issues and programs; and, 6)Process for development of “business plans” to identify current capacity needs, and engineering reviews on a community-by-community basis.  The end result needs to be cost-effective for consumers and equitable for providers.

 To learn more, contact Vicki Rusbult, Director of the Re-Engineering the Region Effort, at 207.942.6389 or vrusbult@emdc.org