Community Development Block Grant

EMDC provides assistance to Eastern Maine communities seeking financing through the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG).

The CDBG program helps local governments implement programs that

  • benefit low and moderate income persons
  • are part of a long range community strategy
  • improve deteriorated residential and business districts and local economic conditions
  • provide conditions and incentives for further public and private investment foster partnerships between groups of municipalities, state and federal entities, organizations and the private sector to address common community and economic development problems

The Maine Department of Economic and Community Development contracts with us to help communities understand this program and its many intricacies. We can help you determine eligibility, meet program requirements, and facilitate your planning process.
Since 1982, EMDC has helped Eastern Maine communities secure over $10 million in program grants.

For more information on Community Development Block Grants, contact Vicki Rusbult at 207.942.6389 or