Rural Transportation System Planning

EMDC offers local and regional transportation planning assistance for communities in Penobscot County, Piscataquis County, and parts of Waldo County (the towns of Montville, Morrill, Palermo, Prospect, Searsport, Stockton Springs, Swanville, Waldo, Winterport, Belfast, Brooks, Frankfort, Isleboro, Jackson, Knox, Liberty and Monroe). We can:

  • Provide technical assistance on applications for state and federal funding
  • Perform traffic counts and collect crash data
  • Serve as a liaison between your town and the Maine Department of Transportation
  • Assess the physical safety of roadways
  • Coordinate public outreach surveys and events

We work closely with the Bangor Area Comprehensive Transportation System (BACTS), which is the federally designated metropolitan planning organization for the greater Bangor urban area, in an effort to provide seamless transportation services between the urban and rural areas. 

Our staff have recieved certification as a Local Project Administration (LPA) entity by the Department of Transportation. Local Project Administration through MaineDOT enables cities, towns and nonprofit agencies to make transportation improvements with federal and state money. To learn more about LPA, visit Maine DOT's website.

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