WorkReady is a 60-hour training program that addresses many of the "soft skills" needed to be successful in a job, including: career decision-making strategies, communication skills, teamwork skills, job search skills, and job retention skills and strategies. It is designed with the input of employers to help individuals who are having trouble getting or keeping a job due to lack of experience or because they are having difficulty translating their skills to new occupations.

Why WorkReady™ Makes Sense
The U.S. population continues to grow older; this is causing the once robust pool of able-bodied workers to grow smaller, or shrink. As a result, employers and HR professionals are finding it harder to fill existing positions, making it difficult to maintain necessary employment levels, or address needs caused by expansion.
Today’s forward-thinking employers recognize the urgency of upgrading the skills of the existing workforce, particularly if they hope to remain competitive in the global economy.

The WorkReady™ credential makes sense for both employers and employees wanting to acquire the necessary skills that will help them get and keep a well-paying job.

What employers want:
•    Basic communication skills
•    Employees who show up as scheduled, on time and ready to work
•    Team players
•    People who can manage conflict
•    Able to take directions
•    Basic computer skills

What WorkReady Provides:
•    Simulation of the workplace environment
•    Evaluation of participants based upon seven key areas, or “standards”
•    Professional facilitation (instruction), with active area business participation
•    Program “customization” for needs of business community

WorkReady addresses:
•    Attitudes
•    Attire
•    Ambition
•    Teamwork
•    Problem-solving
•    Cover letters
•    Resumes
•    Interviewing
•    Wages, benefits, taxes
•    Safety information
The 7 Standards (Curriculum):
•    Motivations and challenges
•    Plan for employment
•    Communication skills/interpersonal skills
•    Working with others/teamwork
•    Getting a job/preparing resume-portfolio
•    Wages, taxes, employee benefits
•    Workplace safety

A Few of the Businesses/Community Endorsers in Maine Participating in WorkReady:
•    Adecco Staffing
•    Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce
•    Bonney Staffing
•    CareerCenter
•    Central Maine Community College
•    Central/Western ME Workforce Investment Board
•    Cianbro Corporation
•    Citistreet
•    Coastal Enterprises, Inc.
•    Dept.of Health and Human Services (ASPIRE)
•    Employment Times
•    Empower Lewiston
•    Geiger
•    H.E. Callahan
•    Kelly Services
•    L.L.Bean
•    Lewiston Adult Ed
•    Lewiston School Dept.
•    Manpower
•    Northeast Bank
•    Oxford Networks
•    Safe Handling Inc.
•    Support Solutions
•    TD Banknorth
•    VIP Auto
•    Wal-Mart Distribution Center