Re-Engineering The Region

What are the value-added economic opportunities based upon the region's assets in natural resources, wood products and logistics?

Over the last year, experts in infrastructure/logistics, business and workforce development, innovation and entrepreneurial business development, local and state government, access to lending streams, and industry growth have been meeting to discuss emerging industry trends, barriers to economic growth, weak signals (potentially growing companies/industries that are very new), and opportunities. A series of advisory group discussion sessions, extensive data mining, and business interviews were held to learn more about this region and to begin developing a strategy to support economic growth and stability in a region severely impacted by shifting and disappearing economies.

To support this ongoing process, a Business Leadership Breakfast was held to discuss preliminary findings from a supply chain analysis performed by the consultant team, Camoin Associates, findings of seven discussion sessions, and over 80 business interviews.  Documents have been generated and are listed below.  Please follow the link to learn more about this important work.

Supply Chain Analysis

Workforce Analysis

Roundtable Summaries

Business Interview Summaries

Camoin Memo:  Mill Closures