Leading Eastern Maine Communities to a Strong Economic Future:
To this end, we commit ourselves to provide leadership to encourage partnership and collaboration that fosters creation of a thriving regional economic climate, always mindful of the need to balance economic, social and environmental considerations, while maintaining and enhancing the unique quality of place found throughout Maine.

Thriving Economic Climate:

EMDC is dedicated to establishing a competitive business climate that embraces free enterprise, encourages entrepreneurship, promotes innovation, develops a quality workforce, and supports infrastructure investment, all of which lead to a thriving economy.

EMDC is dedicated to advancing economic opportunity throughout Maine, including underserved individuals, communities, and businesses.

Regional Leadership and Collaboration:

EMDC recognizes that partnership and collaboration are essential to our work and enters into these relationships with purpose, commitment, and focus toward achieving a common and actionable goal.

EMDC is a leader in convening stakeholders, facilitating a process to identify key issues, and responding to regional challenges and concerns with integrity.

Unique Quality of Place:

EMDC strives to maintain and enhance the unique quality of place that makes our communities attractive to talented workers, resonates with visitors, and enhances our economy.


EMDC is a leader in sustainability practices balancing social, environmental and economic considerations for the benefit of our residents, businesses, and visitors.

Employer of Choice:

EMDC is committed to promoting an organizational culture that values employees' creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, gives staff throughout the organization a voice, and provides meaningful opportunity for professional and personal growth.

EMDC recognizes that each person is an important member of the team, offering unique strengths and skills that contribute to the organization's overall success.

EMDC encourages an atmosphere of trust through teamwork, showing mutual respect for one another and the people we serve by communicating in a clear, open, and honest manner.

Organizational Health:
Maintain financial stewardship so EMDC can continue to be competitive in providing quality service in meeting our client's needs.