EMDC launches program to empower post-2020 businesses

Posted on July 28, 2023 | News

Bangor Daily News

BANGOR — Eastern Maine Development Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the Economic Recovery Implementation HUB program, in collaboration with DECD. This program supports and empowers businesses established after Jan. 1, 2020. The initiative provides technical assistance, grants, and entrepreneurial training to these emerging enterprises, through a vast network of 12 partnered organizations and collaboration with DECD.

In the wake of the unprecedented challenges brought on by the global pandemic, EMDC recognizes the need to foster the growth and success of new businesses. The program provides entrepreneurs and small business owners with the resources, knowledge, and skills necessary to achieve their long-term business goals.

Managing the program for EMDC is Jaida Bolstridge and Tanner Hanes. In these roles, they will facilitate meetings, refer clients to our spoke partners while measuring performance and outcomes.  

“During the pandemic I saw my family’s businesses struggle to keep going with the resources they could get being established. I can only imagine the difficulties facing new businesses who have had to persevere without the same resources. I am proud to be a part of a program that works with new businesses pursuing stability and success in the wake of COVID,” said Tanner Hanes, program manager for the Economic Recovery Implementation Hub at EMDC

“I look forward to empowering friends and peers as they embark on their journey to start their own businesses. By connecting them with essential resources, we hope to support our community’s small business owners as they take the next step in achieving their goals,” said Jaida Bolstridge, program manager for the Economic Recovery Implementation Hub at EMDC

Under the new program, businesses founded after Jan. 1, 2020 with under 250 employees, will have access to response teams composed of the program’s partners. These teams offer support services tailored to each business’s unique needs. The teams comprise planners, community officials, investors, development analysts, and more. These services include:

  • Technical assistance: EMDC and its partners will collaborate with businesses to address their operational and technical challenges. This support covers workforce development, government contracting, climate resilience, and more.
  • Grants: Recognizing the financial constraints faced by many emerging businesses in the wake of the pandemic, EMDC will provide grants to eligible companies. These grants reduce financial burdens and provide the necessary capital for growth initiatives.
  • Entrepreneurial training: The program will feature comprehensive training through our partners, empowering entrepreneurs with essential skills and knowledge. Workshops, webinars, and mentoring opportunities will cover business planning, marketing strategies, financial management, leadership development, and more.

Applications are now open. Visit Eastern Maine Development Corporation’s website for more information and application guidelines.

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