Economic Recovery Hub Program

In response to the economic challenges brought on by the pandemic, EMDC, in partnership with DECD, created the Economic Recovery Hub program for Eastern Maine and Penobscot. The program provides technical assistance, grants, and entrepreneurial training to new and emerging small businesses in six Maine counties through a network of 12 partnered organizations.

  • UpStart
  • Maine Multicultural Center
  • Four Directions
  • Penobscot County Commissioners
  • Cooperative Development Institute
  • Eastern Maine Community College/Katahdin Higher Education Center
  • Bangor Savings Bank
  • Northern Maine Development Commission
  • Northern Maine Community College
  • Loring Development Authority
  • Northeastern Workforce Development Board
  • City of Eastport

Eligibility Requirements

  • Founded on or after January 1, 2020
  • Less than 250 employees
  • Able to demonstrate loss due to the pandemic.

Apply for EMDC’s Small Business Grant

Please E-MAIL the completed application as well as documents outlined in Section III to for review.

Applications due by 5:00PM EST on April 12, 2024.

Program FAQ

What resources does this program provide?

The program provides a wide range of services. Services such as government contracting assistance, environmental planning, business planning, expertise in BIPOC communities, loans, workforce development, succession planning, and more!

How much grant money should I request?

You should not request more than $25,000, otherwise, ask for the amount you need for your business.

Who is eligible for the grant?

Any business started after Jan 1, 2020, with less than 250 employees, and demonstrable loss.

Are non-profits eligible for the grant

No non-profits cannot receive small business grants, but they are eligible for technical assistance.

What is demonstrable loss?

1. Projected business plan vs. actual business outcomes
■     For example, if the business plan projected X amount of revenue for the first year but the company actually earned less.
2. Financial statements
■     Income Statement and Balance Sheet for years open since 2020
3. Existing debt
■     Loans, credit cards, etc taken out for business purposes
4. Optional: Loss of or inability to retain staff

If you are unable to provide the above documents, email for guidance on how to demonstrate your business’ unique loss.

If an existing business started prior to 2020 is now under new ownership and a new business name, are they eligible for funding under this program?

We are reviewing these case by case.

If an existing business started prior to 2020 created a subsidiary after 2020, is the subsidiary eligible for funding under this program?

We are reviewing these case by case.

Even if I do not apply for the grant do I have access to technical assistance through the network of organizations?

Yes! Even if you do not apply you still have access to the whole host of resources between all of the involved organizations. We do recommend applying however, it is a grant so you will not be required to pay back any amount of money!

I have seen other Hubs in Waldo County, what areas does EMDC’s program cover?

EMDC covers Winterport, Frankfort, Prospect, Stockton Springs, and Searsport

If I have received pandemic relief grants or loans am I eligible for the program?

We are evaluating these on a case-by-case basis.

Can I apply if I (the owner) am the only employee?

You can if you are a w-2 employee of your business.

If I started my business in 2023 can I apply for the grant and have access to technical assistance?

If you are unable to provide the documents listed in the application you are unable to apply, however, we can still provide you technical assistance. You can become eligible and apply once you can provide the documents.

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