Employers struggling to finding workers search for solutions

Posted on November 17, 2021 | News


BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – Local employers struggling with the challenge of finding workers got together Wednesday morning to search for solutions.

The Bangor Area Chamber of Commerce led the discussion panel.

Conversations focused on policy that could positively impact employers, to tips on retaining the workers they already have.

The panel consisted of area employment agencies with insight on what workers are looking for in a job.

With other challenges brought on by the pandemic, the discussion also focused on bringing more workers to come live in Maine.

”Maybe more assistance to employers. By assistance I mean what can we do for employers around childcare, transportation, housing. Like is there something that employers could benefit from that their employees could benefit from. I think the other thing is how employers can help each other. So if they do get good candidates and can only choose one, you know how can they take that candidate and share it,” said Susan Cerini, Eastern Maine Development Corporation.

You can visit the Chamber’s Facebook page to listen in on hour long conversation.

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