Maine Points: Maine’s Connecting with Opportunities Initiative

Posted on February 4, 2021 | Success Stories

Maine’s Connecting with Opportunities Initiative has been developed in response to the ongoing opioid crisis, which has severely impacted all areas of our state. The federal government estimates well over 10,000 Maine residents have struggled with opioid use disorder every year since 2007.

The opioid crisis is raging. Bringing it under control, requires a multi-faceted approach. Maine’s Connecting with Opportunities Initiative is approaching the crisis from a workforce development perspective—seeking to help people impacted by opioid use disorder in stabilizing their lives, access education, training and employment, and gaining a new sense of purpose & hope.

Danny speaks with:
• Adrian Cohen is a Senior Program Manager with Coastal Counties Workforce Inc. One of the three local workforce development boards that administer this grant.
• Doug Dunbar is the Recovery and Re-entry Workforce Specialist with Eastern Maine Development Corporation, a non-profit organization based in Bangor.
• Katie McKay works as a Peer Connector with the Connecting with Opportunities Initiative through Eastern Maine Development Corporation.

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